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Merchant of Stars and Hearts by Yrucrem91 Merchant of Stars and Hearts :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 0 Angel Taboo by Yrucrem91 Angel Taboo :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 7 0
Red Alert
    I felt myself slipping, most of my body dangling over the precipice of sleep—so close, if I could just relax that last bit of my mind, sink through my camp bed into dreams… 
    The high pitched shriek tore through me, bringing every nerve back to battle stations. Eyes snapped open, muscles tensed, and I was moving. From flat on my back, head towards the door, the next thing I knew I had spun around into a kneeling crouch, fists up, my whole body a ballista drawn back and taking aim. The bunk bed shook underneath me. Consciousness booted up after I was already crouched and ready to spring. 
    “Coookieeeees!” The word, called out in gleeful tones from the doorway, took several seconds to condense into any sort of meaning. It took another second or two before my body could unclench and relax. 
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 0 0
My roommate looked like a victim of Pompeii, buried under blankets of cloth rather than blanketed in volcanic ash. One arm, its shoulder, and his head emerged from under the covers. His mouth hung open, the side of it pressed into his pillow; under his blankets, his body lay contorted, mostly sideways. He might have been a murder victim, but no, his breathing rippled the fabric draped over him, and he snored, just a little.
I am not normally a voyeur, or at least I tell myself I am not, but the fact is that, day or night, I watch people. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching aliens. They speak in strange slang, go around with Facebook constantly in front of their faces…It leaves me wondering if I look so weird to them.  
With my roommate, sleep turned him into something almost grotesque. Did he look so odd because of the way he went from energy drink to collapse, then rinse and repeat? Or is sleep just something that makes everyone look weird? I’ve seen people who
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
First Cause: Night
Busy day approaches silent night, approaches but never reaches that perfect
impossible silence.
You lose track of how long you have been awake
listening to inconsistent metronomes—
a toilet flush
a train blaring
your roommate breathing.
You toss aside your blankets to cool down.
The chill sneaks in on you and you bury yourself under fleece and batting once more.
Your brain is a gear, an engine, always spinning.
You drive in contortions, rolling over and back and over again.
If you were a car, this would be a thousand-point turn, going nowhere.
Your legs are like eels, weaving back and forth between the sheets, unable to settle.
Then, all at once, the heat and cold and brain is too much, and you let your restless energy carry you up, out of the embrace of memory foam and warmth.
You brave the cold in your bathrobe as you get your tablet, your keyboard.
With keystrokes, you try to capture elusive ideas, things that keep your brain spinning.
You sit in the dark, the not-quiet, liste
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 0 0
College Writing: Becoming Character
The face in the mirror
Was not mine
Yet I felt
For a moment or an age
That I knew it
Better than the face I owned
All my life
I had become
Someone new
And at the same instant
Became me
For the first time
This grizzled warrior
Lent me his face
His experience, his skill
His pain
And I felt it as my
That wound in his leg, my leg, our leg...
And I felt too the
wounds where
My soul had never been pierced
But I felt the holes
And heartbreak
That were his, that were mine
And I remembered youth as this boy
Became me
And he lent me the strength
That he had not seen
Or known, before that moment
And that gave me heart to go on
This journey.
To flee from death,
To find my lost love, to bring her back to me.
I could not have done it alone, I think.
Too old, too slow, my leg dragging,
always one
I felt the fire again, the energy he brought
My dull eyes
Shone again with youth and fire
He did not know the path. But he saw
Clearer than I,
Or with determination
To keep goi
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 0 1
Chyne Varreo by Yrucrem91 Chyne Varreo :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 1
    Our conversation snagged a little, as the newscast, background noise playing from a holoscreen, said something important for a change. Uncle Ivan felt it almost the same time as me, accounting for the difference in his reflexes. Mom took a moment longer, continuing to talk lightly, casually, for an extra second and three-quarters as she realized that her brother and I were no longer with her. The newscast had caught our attention, and in another few sentences, she realized why.
    “Kelsey, perhaps you should, ah…” She just wanted to protect me. Hard as it was for her, she had finally started to accept me as her daughter, and to her, in this moment, that meant making sure that I would be able to sleep soundly, untroubled by what that newsfeed was saying.
    “I think this relates to me,” I interrupted her gently. “I’d rather listen than continue in blissful ignorance. Besides—I do
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 3
Operation Asezuldin Part 10
For about the hundredth time within the past 24 hours, Sunderblast was glad she wasn’t in charge of this expedition. She climbed into the bus along with the others. Once everyone was seated, the bus rolled off smoothly to their destination: some kind of rocket launching site further in the city, from what Sunderblast could gather.
At first she spent a few minutes making notes of what had happened the day before on her little standard-issue smartphone, since she had been too tired to journal in the evening. After she had made a brief but thorough log of the rather unusual day, she asked Trevn, “Mack’s already got communications set up between Earth and Asezuldin, right? I guess that means he’s sent a report back to GER:SO.”
“From what he told me Trevn tapped the communicator. “Mack, any word back yet? Sunder’s curious.”
“I’m firing a gravity wave through a constantly shifting dimensional interface, with the goal of i
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Operation Asezuldin Part 9
Grateful for the dryad’s offer of safe shelter, Anna followed Trevn and the other soldiers through the portal with a wave goodbye to Victor, Zavern, and O’Marx. She still felt a little wobbly and out of sorts, but she managed to stay on her feet without assistance.
Entering the portal was like walking into another world for the third time that day. The first difference she noticed was the pleasant temperature: warm and comfortable but not too hot. The next thing she saw was Aspen’s home. Unlike the council headquarters, that had been fashioned to look sleek and modern even with its wood grain wall patterns, this place was the definition of organic. The walls were rough and deeply textured like bark, and the floor was smooth with horizontal lines spreading out in a slight curve from wall to wall. She realized these were actually a section of the tree’s rings; this was just the guest area.
She got the impression that there was light coming from the walls, but she
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Mature content
Operation Asezuldin Part 8 :iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Operation Asezuldin Part 7
“Well, that was interesting,” Trevn said, getting off the bus. “Is anyone going to object to us carrying weapons around city hall?”
“That’s why we have portable weapon lockers,” O’Marx replied, heading up the steps to the building. “A little robot that’ll tote around your gear. That way, you can’t draw them on a whim, but if something should go crazy, you’ll have them on hand…Not that being weaponless would mean much for you supers, would it?”
Passing through the doors of the city hall building produced an electrical tingle, a bit like standing close to a large Van De Graaf generator. “Scan complete; guests, would you like a portable weapons locker?” A computerized voice asked.
“Yeah,” O’Marx said, taking his pistol from its holster. A robot wheeled up and opened the two large compartments built into the top of its boxy torso. It stood on four legs, each ending with a wheel
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Operation Asezuldin Part 6
“That’s the last of the road cleared, and just in time,” Trevn said, wiping a hint of sweat off his brow. “Sunder, good work with the distraction—though do work on your aim so I don’t have to double-check the road for metal shards.”
“Next time, we’ll have you clear the mess!” Sunny said, returning to human form and play-punching Sunderblast on the shoulder.
“Hopefully, there wont be a ‘next time’, Trevn said. “Mack’s trying to figure out how these guys knew about us so quickly. For now, let’s continue towards Meron.”
O’Marx nodded, heading back towards the waiting bus, which had gotten a bit scratched up by gunfire, but nothing too horrible. “With any luck, you’ll be able to help the Paragons along with the rest of folks from your world,” he said to Sunderblast.
Sunderblast appreciated O’Marx’s encouraging remark and nodded in agreement. When
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Breach - Trade for RaineWhisper
    “Tech team six, reporting,” Lyas said, sealing her suit. Readouts scrolled in transparent light across her visor, showing that all systems were good.
    “We took heavy fire just before the jump,” Captain Kyav said over the channel. “There's a hull breach in that section, we had to turn off the gravity and other systems. Assess the damage and start fixing holes.”
    “Yes, sir!” Chiel said. He gave Lyas a playful nudge, which would have made her float away if she wasn't anchored to the floor “Want to go for a swim after?” Chiel asked.
    “Focus on the task, you two,” Captain Kyav said.
    “Sorry, sir,” Chiel replied. He perked up a bit when Lyas grinned at him from behind her visor. The four techs moved right up to a sealed bulkhead, activating a forcefield over it. Once the field was in place, the
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0
Dragon in the Night
I saw the lights of its eyes, coming around from the other side of the cove. For a moment, it was silent, and then I heard it roar, the deep blare shattering the night. This creature was undeniable in its power, and it was coming my way faster than the fleetest horse. I ducked low in the bushes, hoping that the massive thing would pass me by, taking no notice. Even if it didn't notice me, it could crush me beneath its incalculable bulk if it just passed over where I hid. I prayed that it would go to either side of me.
The ground began to shake with the force of its coming; I could hear its breathing, so loud that it drowned out all else. The water in the cove began to tremble almost as much as me. I wanted to run, but that would only bring me to its attention, an insignificant fly to be swatted aside.
In a moment, it had closed the distance, and passed just a score of feet to my side. I could feel the wind of air it displaced, and covered my ears to try and block out the metallic scree
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 2 5
meoP emaN yM
em ma I
epoh evah I
doG fo ecarg eht yb gnilaeh
doG fo emagi eht ni edam
suseJ fo doolb eht yb deucser
ma I
em sllet dlrow eht tahw naht
erom gnihtemos ma I tub
t'nac I ebyam
ma I ohw
egnahc tonnac I syas dlrow eht
nekorb, nellaf
em dnuora esoht gnitruh
rennis a
eb syawla lliw I ohw
ma I ohw
em llet ot siert dlrow eht
dnuos a tsuj s'ti
taht ouy llet t'nseod eman ym
I ma ohw
lacimehc cixot eht dna
dog namoR eht
tenalp eht ekil, sey
eman ym si
Is my name
Yes, like the planet
The Roman god
And the toxic chemical
Who am I?
My name doesn’t tell you that
It’s just a sound.
The world tries to tell me
Who I am
Who I will always be.
A sinner
Hurting those around me
Fallen, broken
The world says I cannot change
Who I am;
Maybe I can’t
But I am something more
Than what the world tells me
I am
Rescued by the blood of Jesus
Made in the image of God
Healing by the grace of God
I have hope
I am me
:iconyrucrem91:Yrucrem91 1 0


Silence - Shall We Dance? - Art By Hawktal0n by Eternalskyy Silence - Shall We Dance? - Art By Hawktal0n :iconeternalskyy:Eternalskyy 3 0 Silence - Art By Pocketcookie / Pocketstash by Eternalskyy Silence - Art By Pocketcookie / Pocketstash :iconeternalskyy:Eternalskyy 3 0 Lioren Dragon Form: Heaven's Sky by Eternalskyy Lioren Dragon Form: Heaven's Sky :iconeternalskyy:Eternalskyy 25 4 Lorcraft Kat by Jesonite by jollyjack Lorcraft Kat by Jesonite :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,213 50 Christmas 2017 by jollyjack Christmas 2017 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,575 94 Dragon Knight 2017 by jollyjack Dragon Knight 2017 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 768 59 Tentacle Hair (Colour) by jollyjack Tentacle Hair (Colour) :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,470 73 Kat and Scarlet play Airsoft by jollyjack Kat and Scarlet play Airsoft :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,009 82 Inktober 2017 24 To 31 by jollyjack Inktober 2017 24 To 31 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 738 70 Inktober 12 to 23 by jollyjack Inktober 12 to 23 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 897 131 Inktober 1 to 11 by jollyjack Inktober 1 to 11 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 988 67 Sequential Art - Vol. 5 - Quinten R+D by jollyjack Sequential Art - Vol. 5 - Quinten R+D :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 420 41 Apple Doesn't Want To Talk To You by jollyjack Apple Doesn't Want To Talk To You :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 960 287 1 to 1000 by jollyjack 1 to 1000 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,634 367 Bat-Shade by jollyjack Bat-Shade :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,339 83 Wonder Woman by jollyjack Wonder Woman :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,876 150
My dad is suffering gut pain and vomiting. Currently, he's getting a CAT scan to see if it's appendicitis or something else. Please pray for his quick recovery, and for financial provision to help cover the medical bills. Thank you.

So, in other news:
  • My brother is working on his Eagle scout project, and the Eagle required merit badges. He has basically until the end of March to get all that done, which is enough time if he puts in the work every day. His project is building a loafing shed for the horses at a local therapeutic riding center, so they'll have a place to get out of the weather and relax. Currently, we have the foundations in place and level, and over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be putting up the walls and roof on the structure. Please pray for him to have the motivation and drive to finish his Eagle project and other work, and for good weather on our workdays, since there are some forecasts threatening snow or rain.
  • My family is currently renting a wonderful house--3700 sq. ft on 1.9 acres. It's a wonderful house, and we all love it, but our lease is up in March; we don't currently have the funds to stay here, but the landlord might not kick us out immediately, depending on whether they have a buyer for the property or not. We're all praying for God's guidance and provision in this regard, and hoping that we get to stay here long enough for that extra money to start coming in so we can buy the place. (I really, really don't want to move again if it can be helped >_< )
  • I've been looking for a job, and also working on getting a driver's license, since that's one of those things that makes me more employable. I was actually turned down from a nearby job with good hours and pay because I didn't have a driver's license, so that was a bit of a bummer.
Thanks for your prayers and support with regard to the above. In lighter topics, wow it's been a long time since I posted anything here. Hoping to get back into the swing of that with a few short stories and HeroMachine sketches, that kind of thing. I've also somehow racked up 35,000 pageviews-- :O You guys are amazing, I'll try to keep the interesting stuff coming!

I'm planning to start a blog talking about the future of sustainable living, including a shift to thorium energy, and alternate means of transportation--I've been looking at a lot of pedal-electric hybrid velomobiles lately, because that strikes me as a really neat and efficient way to get around. There are some that include a solar panel or two on them to help recharge the batteries, and I figure that those plus a 12v adapter and I could power my laptop (12v 2A, 24W max, and it has a 10 hour battery life), my phone, and my various other devices without ever having to plug into a wall. Lots of interesting possibilities to explore! It's really interesting to see how much people are really starting to look at sustainable ways of getting around and living; the idea of a vehicle that can go ~30 MPH, keep the rider in shape, has three wheels for stability, and has no overhead costs for gas or insurance--very attractive! The main problem keeping me from jumping on the velomobile game right now is 1, price--good ones are ~$8000 new, and 2, the fact that a lot of them have an open area in the bottom near the pedals, so if there's any water on the ground, you'll get soaked. Since I live in an area with a lot of rain, any velomobile I go for needs to have full top and bottom waterproofing, or at least I have to be able to easily modify it for that.
  • Listening to: Merry Second Advent - We Believe
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  • Watching: Time disappear like a ninja
  • Playing: Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Eating: snacks
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